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Checkit Connect transforms healthcare workforces

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Mike Hobby

Healthcare Transformation Partner

With over 20 years of experience of driving technology innovation in healthcare and life sciences organisations, Mike is your go-to expert on healthtech here at Checkit.

Healthcare Workforce Solution

Why Choose Us?

Staff connectivity and engagement
  • Improve intrahospital comms by connecting Teams
  • Engage staff with digitised workflows, escalations and alerts
  • Enable teams to share best practice​
Team productivity and collaboration
  • Full visibility of team performance
  • Digitise routine tasks to remove admin burden, enabling staff to focus on patient care
  • Empower the right people to do the right process at the right time and place
Healthcare compliance
  • Real-time and accurate audit trail
  • Automate monitoring, escalation and remedial action
  • Show inspectors your team don’t just log process, they also follow policy for what to do if a breach occurs.
Scalable and flexible
  • Checkit connect can be used by any team to digitise and tailor their operational processes
  • Checkit Connect scales with the size of your team